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My Lingo (how to use this site)

There is a bunch of categories which i have split up and the description is below.

5 day Standards:

These are what you can wip up quickly after a busy day at work. Prep time is very small and cooking time is as well, unless using the oven which you can just leave to do its thing.

Timed Slow Cooker:

During winter i use a 240V timer to start my slower cooker at 11:30am and by the time i get home around 6:30pm there is still around 1 hour ago leaving just enough time to add anything else before serving. I throw everything in the slow cooker pot the night before, then put it in the fridge. Before leaving to work i put the slow cooker in the pot and switch on the timer.

Weekend is here!

Weekend cooking is a little different when you have more time on hands for prepping etc. These meals take longer to prep and or to cook.

Leftovers Friendly

These will general fall under the same as Weekend is here! but they are left over friendly ie you can heat it up next day as there will normally be enough left over. To be honest im not huge fan of left overs so only a few meals will fall under this.